Water & Environment

I will move forward quickly, smartly, and boldly.

The water quality of our lakes and streams is only as good as the stormwater runoff that enters them.  There are nearly 10,000 storm drains in District 6, each one of them an opportunity to carry contaminated runoff to the Lakes, Minnehaha Creek, and the Mississippi River.  Partnering with the City of Minneapolis and the watershed districts will be key to implementing strategies for addressing water quality.  My professional work in this area and my relationships with other partners and agencies means I know where to start.

The MPRB’s 2020 Ecological System Plan sets the stage for addressing everything from habitat corridors to the agency-wide carbon footprint.  In order to be successful, the plan will need to be front and center as work and resources are prioritized.  Aggressive plan goals such as 2022 and 2030 to achieve 100 percent renewably generated electricity, may already be falling short.  In my professional life, I work for an organization that is grappling with many, if not all, of these same challenges.  I have direct experience turning a vision into action.  With the realities of limited resources and competing priorities I will seek to champion high-value projects and programs and I won’t shy away from innovation.  Learn more about innovative stormwater management projects I’ve led here and here.